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About Me

Fiona Green was born in the Himalayas of India in 1943, and spent her later childhood in the Australian outback, following her army father around the world.

She completed her schooling at Dartington Hall in Devon, before going to Bath Academy of Art & on to a career in teaching severely disadvantaged pupils in London.This finalised in her heading up a team of 50 teachers in Southwark schools.

Her own painting was put on hold until she retired in 2012, when she returned from London to Totnes.
Fiona's interests are wide, and her art ranges from portraiture to landscapes; but it is the vivid colours of her childhood in India and Australia that infuses her work. 

She has exhibited in London and Devon and monthly online via the Chelsea Arts Club in London, where she is a member.

A Passion for Colour – Fiona Green Serving the Community Through Her Art

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